BYO Culture Guide

This week’s culture guide looks at abstraction and the artistic process. Where do we draw inspiration from and how do we express that in a visual format are some the questions that the artists and shows that are featured this week ask.

Caleb Reid – The Dream in Between

This exhibition of new works by Sydney-based artist Caleb Reid delves into the underlying thoughts and frustrations of the artist. Across two separate bodies of work, Reid first grapples with the difficulty of expressing the emotions and experiences that humans contain within themselves. Responding to this, another selection of works seeks to express these inner-most struggles through abstract language and visual metaphor. As the subconscious is often drawn upon as an inspiration for artistic works, Reid’s works simultaneously give us a glimpse of the artistic process common to many as well as the specific struggles that Reid confronts through his work.

February 28 - March 24, opening February 28, 6 pm
76 Paddington St,


Lara Merrett – High Rise

During Sydney Contemporary in 2017, Lara Merrett took a leap in her artistic practice, allowing audience interactions to shape the art works, acknowledging how artworks are inevitably shaped in their reception. This exhibition follows up on that project, however not in the participatory mode. Merrett’s canvasses are characterised by an abstract use of colour and shape which again requires audience involvement and engagement to develop a sense of meaning, rather than it being didactically delivered by the artist.


March 2 - April 6, opening March 2, 6 pm
137 Bayswater Rd, Rushcutter’s Bay


Alex Wisman - In the Moment – The Art of Creation

In this exhibition of mixed media works by artist Alex Wisman, the creative process is again under the microscope. Wisman engages with discussions on the place of art in the public or private realm as well as the confusion and complexity that an artist undergoes to produce a work of art. Wisman’s work often take inspiration from street art typographies, highlighting the impermanence of much of the art we see on a daily basis.  

March 2, 6:30 pm
518 Parramatta Rd,