BYO Culture Guide

With many galleries now coming out of their summer slumber, we pick some of the highlights of the week ahead. From performance to painting to photography, there’s a broad array of art on show.

Light Industry: Vu Quang Canh

At the transformed Casual Powerhouse Vu Quang Canh has been documenting the building itself and the area around it. On medium and large format film, the architectural heritage of the former power-station will be realised in black and white images. Vu’s project began in 2016 and continues his trajectory of photographing Western Sydney. The exhibition is open from 9 am to 4:30 pm everyday until February 11.

A Sea of Discontent: Adam Nudelman

This month Adam Nudelman brings his ghostly take on the Australian landscape to at Nanda\Hobbs gallery. Comprising large skeletal forms set against broad horizons, Nudelman combines the abstract style of 20th century American modernists with 19th century European artists who sought to capture the then foreign Australian landscape. The exhibition opens on February 1 at 6 pm and runs until February 17.

DAG Przbilla: Doping, 2018

Emerging out of the post-unification Berlin club scene in the 1990s, DAG’s paintings use industrial techniques that are reminiscent of the dark sounds of Berlin’s distinctive electronic milieu. In this exhibition at Oxford Art Factory’s The Cube, the first solo show by DAG in Australia, DAG creates site specific works that move between the club, public art and spaces in between.

Dexter Fletcher: Fully Automated Dexter Fletcher (Beta Version)

Opening this Friday at 6 pm, this show by cryptic entity Dexter Fletcher questions the role of the artist in asking participants to follow a set of rules that will produce artworks indistinguishable from the work of Dexter Fletcher. Leading into an ongoing process, this game can be continuously distributed, further and further fragmenting what can be defined as the artist.

Opening Friday February 2 at 6 pm, this exhibition runs until February 18.