BYO Culture Guide

Who are we and where are we? Between land and sea, this week’s Culture Guide combines exhibitions that both engage with landscapes both natural and cerebral.

Under the Same Moon

This exhibition at Vermilion Gallery in Walsh Bay brings together six emerging artists who collectively challenge our ideas of what it means to be an artist. All of the artists showing works here have established careers outside of or tangential to their arts practice. Skirting the boundary between art and design, Vermilion Gallery has curated an exhibition that combines works in the fields of fashion, calligraphy and jewellery. This is the last week of this show from a broad diversity of the Chinese diaspora as its last day is December 23.

Real Presence – Idris Murphy

In a major solo exhibition on until December 23, Idris Murphy displays his knack of capturing the varied Australian landscape with large panels of colour. While the works are instantly evocative of the place they depict, Murphy’s style resists simple literal depictions of a vista but rather portrays the essence of the landscape. Also on display are two of Murphy’s bronze sculptural works which similarly reflect an abstracted vision of our environment.

Marine Dream – David McLeod

Opening this week, on December 19, at the art space within the East Sydney Doctor’s practice, Marine Dream showcases the work of artist and musician David McLeod. McLeod’s body of work often engages with the deep and ever-changing colours of the ocean and this exhibition will display his rendition of seascapes. With his art process mirroring McLeod’s song-writing process the paintings emerge with an almost musical flow.