Advertise on Backyard Opera

We are open to enquiries regarding advertising that will be appropriate to our engaged and creative audience. While our community is diverse, they are highly discerning, and advertising on Backyard Opera will be designed to match the original content that we publish. We have carved out a unique niche in a highly competitive field, and are able to leverage that relationship for mutual benefit.


To have your brand, product or story integrated into the visual layout of Backyard Opera a banner is a clear way to do so. We offer a range of banner sizes that are appropriate to a variety of campaigns.

Leader banner: 1500 x 774
Billboard: 960 x 200
Square: 800 x 800
Side Banner: 300 x 600

Custom: Available on request


Leverage Backyard Opera’s high quality reputation for insightful commentary and review with an advertorial. Framing your product within the language of Backyard Opera will create an authentic relationship between your brand and future customers. As we only select those products that are a match for Backyard Opera, our readers will trust your brand.

Original Content Production

Work across multiple modes of communication with a bespoke campaign conducted with Backyard Opera. Our photography, copywriting and design skills are able to be put to use for your campaign, and can create lasting impact across a series of stories.

Partnerships and Projects

Come on board with Backyard Opera and be part of our world. From space activation to video production, there are a wealth of options available for the motivated client. These options are best discussed in person, and we would be happy to find a meeting point between our vision and your trajectory.

To get in touch or request a media kit, email advertising@backyardopera.com