A Conversation with … Betty Banks x Oscar Wylee x Sight For All

Today Oscar Wylee will be donating 100% all profits gained across its ten retail stores and online to it’s Not-for-Profit charity partner, Sight For All. Oscar Wylee’s core mission is to empower communities to deliver comprehensive, high quality eye health care and close the gap in the provision of eye health services.

We caught up with Sight For all brand ambassador and My Kitchen Rules semifinalist of 2017, Bettina Banks who makes it her mission to raise awareness of the importance of eye vision.

BYO: How did you discover Sight For All and why did you choose them?

Bettina: When I heard about Sight for All, I fell in love with their mission - I could not have said no. They knew about my mother who is also a brand ambassador for Sight For All and they approached me to see how I can help support the cause.

BYO: How has your mother influenced you as a brand ambassador for Sight For All?

Bettina: Unfortunately, we weren’t able to save my mothers sight. She said to me if we could help raise awareness and support Sight For All, we would be able to give children a second chance in life to see again.

BYO: Tell me about the impact of your mother losing her sight?

Bettina: My sister and I grew up fast. The impact from her losing her sight was indescribable.  We had so many tough times but we preserved and pushed through. She’s much better now - mentally. She’s healthy and happy. That’s all that matters to me.

BYO: Why is sight important to you and why have you made it your mission to educate people on blindness prevention?

Bettina: Because sight is so important & no-one should go through what we went through. And if we can start by educating people on blindness prevention we can definitely start changing the world! :)

BYO: You were a semi finalist for MKR, 2017 – why did you decide to go on?

Bettina: I owe this one to my cooking partner David for pushing me to apply with him to go onto the show. He tried out for 6 years and never got on. I was travelling around Indonesia at the time and I promised him when I came back I would apply, plus I love food and cooking so I was like “BRING IT ON!”

BYO: Why are you so passionate about cooking and what was your experience growing up with food?

Bettina: My mother’s blindness and her hustle to cook to make sure we were all fed created my passion for food and cooking. She just knew it had to be done and it brought the family together. Food just brings people together. I remember when I was a child my mum would cook for all of us to make sure we should sit down on the table and have a family dinner - doesn’t matter what mood we were in, we sat there and ate!

BYO: How does Sight influence taste perceptions?

Bettina: We eat with our eyes before anything else. Our mouths begin to water the moment you see the waiter approaching your table with the dish you ordered before you’ve even smelt it or tasted it. If the presentation of a meal is visually pleasing it can make us want to eat it more and it can even tell our minds that it already tastes good before actually trying.

BYO: I understand that Oscar Wylee will be donating their gross profits on World Sight Day to Sight For All, how has it been a meaningful experience working with the two?

Bettina: Sight for All is a charity foundation that promises to "create a world where everyone can see" - I started seeing this when I started to share my mums story, it was just so empowering and inspirational that I couldn’t hold back to support the charity and Oscar Wylee’s World Sight Day Initiative.

It’s a beautiful experience. I love how Oscar Wylee's have taken their crusade against vision impairment to the next level with their World Sight Day charity initiative. This is on top of their “I care for Eye-care” mission which is with every pair of frames you purchase; you’ll will be providing someone in need access to affordable eye-care. They work with established partners around the world who are committed to making the biggest impact possible with the support they provide. Coincidentally, they’ve partnered with Sight For All (Who I am a social media ambassador for)